Tuesday, November 16, 2010

EWTN's USCCB Coverage Sterilized?

Watching parts of it yesterday, I noticed that there was no Raymond Arroyo, no commentary, no guests... and just saw this at Allen J. Troupe's Is Anybody There?:
"1 other fact makes me think that the USCCB leadership is not serious about dealing with the problems is the limits they put on EWTN's coverage. All EWTN can do is rebroadcast Telecare Television's feed. FYI: Telecare is operated by the Diocese of Rockville Centre. They are not allowed to have any commentary about what is going on during the broadcast. Raymond Arroyo mentioned that fact on last week's episode of The World Over Live. I am not sure if this was only impossed on EWTN or all TV stations carrying it. Either way, it is clear the USCCB is afraid of what might be said by the EWTN commentators. & is doing its best to control the spin as well. But they will only delay the inevitable as he will be reporting on the events on next week's show. "

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Donald R. said...

As you probably know, the bishops, as a whole, were never fans of Mother Angelica's catholicism.