Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke
AP Photo

Newly-appointed US Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke looks on during a meeting with relatives and friends at the Vatican, Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010.


Pablo the Mexican said...

It has always been difficult to tell whether a promotion is good or bad within the Hierarchy.

Bad for the Church?

Promote him!

Destroys everything he gets his hands on?

Promote him!

They should put a plus or minus sign next to the persons name so we will know if this is an earned promotion, or just a 'promotion'.


LP said...

Hard to tell? In what way does the increasingly grave responsibility and honor bestowed on Cardinal Burke suggest anything other than an endorsement of his abilities?

For those who've missed it, Cardinal Burke takes his job as a shepherd deathly seriously. PLUS sign. I would guess our Holy Father Pope Benedict agrees, as he just created him a cardinal and certainly didn't have to.