Monday, November 22, 2010

Family's torment over pit hell Scot
Worry... Malcolm, right, with family
George Mcluskie

(The Scottish Sun) THE frantic parents of a Scots miner trapped in a New Zealand pit are too scared to fly there in case something happens to him while they are in the air. Malcolm Campbell's mum and dad Jane, 45, and Malcolm, 50, are waiting for news at their home in St Andrews, Fife.

Last night 25-year-old Malcolm's cousin Austen Campbell, 29, said: "They don't want to get on a flight in case something happens to Malcolm.

"They don't want to leave the country and be without communication. They are up and down like a yo-yo.

"We're all hoping for good news. We are all staying positive. Hopefully Malcolm will get himself out."

Malcolm is due to marry his fiancée Amanda Shields, 23, next month.

His parents said: "We can't concentrate on anything, we can't sleep."

Twenty nine miners - including another Scot, Pete Rodger, of Perth - are trapped in the Pike River pit after an explosion on Friday.

Friend John Daniel, 59, said he was an adventurer.

He said: "I'm just shocked he is caught up in all this. Peter just wanted to make the most of his life and took everything as it came."

Fears of further explosions stopped rescue teams entering the 1.2mile-long shaft.

Hopes were fading for the miners last night as a survivor told how a blast threw him around "like a rag doll".

Russell Smith, 50 - near the entrance because he was an hour late for work - said "suffocating dust" filled the tunnel.

Russell - who had been driving a loading machine - added: "It wasn't just a bang, it just kept coming, kept coming."

He passed out but his life was saved by fellow miner Daniel Rockhouse, 24.


belinda said...

Praying for the miners.

I will respond more after Thanksgiving, I'm overwhelmed.

I will talk to you soon and I cant wait to play with the stereo card application.

Hope and pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family and friends. God bless you. Belinda

belinda said...

This link to an underground tunnel over on abc news makes my dreams appear less lame.

My dreams can't "out weird" reality. hahaha