Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What Kind of Brownie Are You?

You Are a Fudge Brownie

You are outgoing and very friendly. You enjoy talking with people, and you always can find something to say.
You're never self-conscious, even when you embarrass yourself a little bit. You figure it's all part of the life experience
You are truly comfortable in your own skin. You know you're not perfect, but who is really?
Because you're happy with yourself, you're able to be warm to those around you. You are a natural conversationalist and a true friend.


belinda said...

It said that I was a "Pot Brownie" and then the anti- drug advertisments popped up on the screen, which insinuated that drugs are for losers.

The survey didn't have a form for cranky, antisocial people which is really who I am. As Oprah would say ... my core value.

belinda said...

I don't take drugs either, which makes my doctor angry with me as she lectures me on the adverse effects of not taking specific medications.