Friday, December 11, 2009

'It's a Climategate Christmas!', brought to you by Minnesotans for Global Warming?

by Javimendo

Just in time for the holidays! Those snowed-in boys of Minnesotans for Global Warming have been hard at work cooking up their “It’s A Climate Gate Christmas” holiday bonus album featuring songs like “We wish you some Global Warming.” (Okay, there isn’t really an album but you can see the spoof ad for the spoof album on Youtube.)

Why are they doing this? Founder Elmer Beauregard writes: “Minnesota is a very politically correct place, and making fun of Global Warming is about the most politically incorrect thing there is. Which is weird because it’s freezing here most of time.” You can check out their Facebook group here. And they also have a Carbon Debit Program, whereby “for every dollar donated we pledge to drive a giant SUV one mile, to help offset the offsets”.

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