Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Msgr. Richard Schuler

Great story about Msgr. Richard Schuler by a commenter at WDTPRS.


Unknown said...

I only knew Monsignor Schuler as a parishioner. The funeral Mass (said in Latin, as I believe was his standard) for my father was so beautiful and Monsignor was so reverential.

I will always remember how sharp and dignified he looked walking around in his fushia trimmed cassock.

On a lighter note, a friend of my aunt's who attended school with Monsignor in Minneapolis (and is still living) tells stories of how the young Richard Schuler would stand outside the school doors after class and "zoom" all the girls. Just makes me laugh.

Rest in peace, Monsignor. Our family misses you at St. Agnes.

swissmiss said...

Sorry, V, the above comment is from me. I just did this at Cathy's blog's my new e-mail account causing me problems. D'oh!

Stephen said...

Thanks for remembering this good priest.