Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"OK, I've Calmed Down"


"Ever since Rome in her wisdom finally recognized the disaster which was old ICEL, restructured it, and formed the Vox Clara Commission, I have been waiting with fervent hope for the a good translation of the Novus Ordo. Face it, the translation that we have now bites. Not only is it's language pedestrian, lacking in linguistic beauty, and hardly spiritually uplifting, it is really a paraphrase. Reams and megabytes have been spilled about what has been ideologically mistranslated and just plain left out of in the current translation. Finally, it seemed that we would be able to celebrate a Mass that lives up to the Latin original. But, someone has slammed on the brakes. And from the comments of the bishops at last month's meeting, it is because certain bishops think that we priests are too inept to handle dependent clauses and the laity too dim to understand words not regularly used on TV. I also suspect that there is something deeper going on. The liturgical establishment does not, to say the least, like the direction Rome is taking the liturgy and is doing everything in its power to obstruct the liturgical restoration. This seems to be only more step in an organized campaign..."

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