Monday, July 21, 2008

Thousands injured by 'toxic gas from Chinese sofas'

July 21, 2008
David Brown

Thousands of people who suffered severe allergic reactions after sitting on their sofas were victims of a toxic gas emitted by an anti-mould agent, a study has concluded.

Hospitals across northern Europe have treated thousands of patients with symptoms which appeared to range from skin cancer and chemical burns to severe eczema.

The British cases have been linked to an estimated 100,000 sofas sold by Argos, World of Leather and Walmsley Furnishing manufactured in China by a company called Linkwise...

Relatives of Elizabeth McLaughlin, 59, claim that she fell gravely ill after using an Argos Bari sofa in last May and died two months later of heart failure.

Professor Magnus Bruze, a dermatologist from Malmö University Hospital in Sweden, said his tests had proved conclusively that the allergic reactions were caused by the dimethyl fumarate...

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