Monday, July 28, 2008

New Catholic Bible

"The Bible tailor-made for every Catholic

– Confused about which Bible to choose? – Bewildered by all the different choices? Here is a Bible tailor-made for every Catholic. It will lead you through the exact same English texts that the Church uses at each Mass [U.K.], with brand-new notes and introductions edited by Vatican expert Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB.

CTS has created four carefully thought-out editions to suit every need and budget. This is the deluxe leather-bound edition with gold page edging, especially suited for gifts, e.g. first communion, confirmation. Includes one Adhesive Presentation Label for attaching inside if desired.

What’s New in the New Catholic Bible
Alongside the Jerusalem and Grail translations authorised by the Vatican for use in the Liturgy:

  • New specially commissioned introductions, one for each book, giving the biblical and historical context
  • New specially commissioned liturgical introductions placing each book of the Bible in the Church’s liturgical year
  • New footnotes following the latest scholarship
  • New marginal references helping you get the most out of each passage.
  • New layout – using clear and modern fonts in easy-to-read single-column format
  • New text alterations, replacing the word ‘Yahweh’ with ‘the LORD’ as requested by Benedict XVI for all new Bibles
  • New directories of references for readings used in the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours, including the fuller two-year cycle for the Breviary."


Mulier Fortis said...

I heard this guy give a talk on the Gospels a few years back... I'm pretty sure it was the same chap - one of the eds of the New Jerusalem Bible.

He shocked me to the core by stating that the Gospel stories weren't actually "true" as we understand them, but were lifted and adapted for the early Christian Church from the Jewish scriptures, and so the records of what Jesus said and did weren't that at all.

I shall not be going near any Bible which he recommends. I'll stick to the Douay-Rheims!

Vincenzo said...

Doh! I was hoping that this would be a safe choice, since the N.T. text is from the Jerusalem Bible, not the New Jerusalem. I want to get the Haydock Douay but I'm also looking for a good modern English translation. I've been considering the old Confraternity Bible, this, and the Ignatius.

Mulier Fortis said...

Fr. Tim recommends the Ignatius!

Vincenzo said...