Monday, December 17, 2007

Top 10 Meme

Cathy tagged me for the Top 10 Meme.
"Vin: I'm curious what you believe your Top 10 images are."
1. Laurel and Hardy (aka Terry & Ray), Color Version

2. Cheers

3. Chillin' the Veuve

4. Father Richtsteig's Modern Art Smiting Spectacular

7. Cathy's Sisterhood Slumber Party (larger)

6. Motu Reloaded

7. Father "Snape" Richtsteig

8. Jawa Sand Crawler

9. WDTPRS Meme

10. Z Man

Bonus (Edit: I had trouble choosing ten, and forgot about many of them):

The Nuns of Hazzard
Snowball Fight!

Another Fine Mess?
Nun Karate
Cathy Hoarding Veuve
Father Z.'s Veyron
Reform of the Reform
Terry's Family

I think that everyone's been tagged by now.


swissmiss said...

I like Snape. Looks very real, plus hubby just rented the latest Harry Potter so it's fresh in my mind.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Vin: Ah, the memories. This collection takes me back. Good times, good times.

There is one that I think should be included. You did a Father Zorro once that was very good. It was somewhere in a comment to one of Father's Z's posts. Maybe it was lost when Father's server blog server crashed.

Vincenzo said...

"You did a Father Zorro once that was very good."

Cathy, I don't remember that one *scratching head..

Cathy_of_Alex said...

I remember it but I don't have the image anywhere