Sunday, December 30, 2007

"Just What's Going On?"

"With all the conversation on the internet since Christmas about the recent changes in liturgical style at papal liturgies the question seems to be on the lips of many: "Just what's going on?" I've had lots of emails commenting on my posts and even more asking what I think may be next. Lots of folks out there are wondering if the sedia gestatoria will now return or if the Holy Father will suddenly decide to appear wearing the triple tiara...


Just what document of Vatican II says that we are to pretend everything that happened prior to 1962 is to be discarded?

If using a cope from 1958 is moving the Church backward into a past where things were worse then what does it say about our faith that we look to Scriptures written over 1,500 years in the past or look backward for our principal form of prayer to the sacrifice of Calvary that happened so long ago? If looking to the past is a bad thing then that has to be true across the board. But, of course, that's absurd.

The revival of the some of the older liturgical accoutrements is not an advocay that we go back to a time prior to Vatican II. I don't think this Pope wishes to undermine Vatican II at all. Instead, what we have now is a Pope who FINALLY wants to start implementing exactly what the Council advocated instead of permitting the egotistical nonsense Bugnini and his followers foisted upon the Church for close to 40 years..."

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