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Vatican, the raven strikes again letters against Bertone and Gaenswein

From la Repubblica Via Google Translate:

According to the new rumor, there is an exchange of documents and a secret pact between the two numbers of the Holy See and the secretary of Ratzinger. Republic is in possession of three confidential documents. In the newspaper, the text of a letter from the Secretary of State Cardinal Burke

By MARCO ANSALDO - "Drive out the real culprits from the Vatican. Again to pay is the usual scapegoat. What better victim of the Holy Father Butler. The truth lies in the central power." The crow still flies in the Vatican. Circles, points and hits while Benedict XVI is on an official visit for three days in Milan looking for some time to calm the poisons that besiege him. The Crow turns out to surprise new documents. Three, to be precise, of which the Republic is in possession of and which currently offers. But, immediately warned the source of these cards as we have "hundreds". He writes in a letter - which is a prelude to the three documents - beat the computer. Proving, if proof were needed, that the butler of the Pope accused of being the postman letters of spillover in the past by the Holy See, "the scapegoat" as defined by the letter, is by no means the only one. Why is a raven, in fact, is still active. "The truth - complaint - to be found in the central power." He explains: "Ovverossia, in the private archives of Mgr. Georg Gaenswein secretary of the Holy Father, from which emerge all the time many confidential documents in favor of the Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone."

Strong accusation, which is the source of its own, the private secretary of Pope Benedict XVI, a man in whom the Pope instead puts the utmost confidence, and that for many years is the person to whom rely not only for matters of a personal nature, but also spiritual and political. In recent years, Monsignor Gaenswein has greatly increased its influence in the Apartment, gaining a role of some of the casual, yet tangible and clear to all, an advisor to Joseph Ratzinger, who is also the fellow. Adds the raven in his letter prior to the three papers: "Things do not always go your way and between the Cardinal and Archbishop Georg steps are uncontrolled documents and documents highly confidential." As if to say, documents and internal documents in transit from the apartment to the office of Papal Secretary of State, and vice versa, sometimes they also take other roads. And their control is lost.

The crow looks like this "three of the hundreds of documents in our possession." The first is a "highly confidential letter" addressed to Cardinal Bertone from the prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, and concerns that bubble as "the shameful story of the Neocatechumenal Way, on which there is a long note written by hand by the Benedict XVI" . The other two letters with the signature, apparently, of Monsignor Gaenswein. And that concern, we are told, "some regrettable and shameful events in the Vatican." The two papers take up the arms of the Holy See with the heading "Vatican City". And below the signature extended hand, of "Don Georg Gaenswein." Below, the printed words "Special Secretary of His Holiness Benedict XVI." One of them is dated February 19, 2009. The text of the letters was omitted. Explain the raven: "We do not publish so as not to offend the whole Person of the Holy Father, already sorely tried by his inept staff." And he warns: "In fairness we reserve the right to publish the full texts if you insist on hiding the truth of the facts." Then concludes: "Drive out the real from the Vatican responsible for this scandal: Gaenswein Archbishop and Cardinal Bertone". Harsh accusations, unproven, unsubstantiated and here.

The letter addressed to Bertone however, at the Secretary of State, bears the signature of Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke. It is dated January 14, 2012 and is received, as evidenced by a stamp, Jan. 16. In the text a number of the Supreme Tribunal of the Holy See, writes that he found on his desk an invitation to a celebration of the Pope's planned six days later, "upon approval of the liturgy of the Neocatechumenal Way." The prelate is very upset about it, angry. "I can not - it says - as a Cardinal and member of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, do not extend to Your Eminence the wonder that the invitation has caused me. Not remember hearing of a consultation about it ' approval of its own liturgy of this church movement. I have received in recent days by several people, even from an estimated U.S. Bishop, expressions of concern about such a papal approval, which they had already learned. This was news to me purely rumor or speculation. Now I discovered that they were right. " This completes the Burke his letter to Cardinal Bertone: "How faithfully expert teaching of the Holy Father on the liturgical reform that is essential for the new evangelization, I believe that approval of such liturgical innovations, even after correction of the same by Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship in the Discipline of the Sacraments, does not seem consistent with the liturgical teachings of the Pope. "

The topic is of primary importance for the insiders. Right at the beginning of this year the Holy See had approved, after 15 years of study by the Congregation for Divine Worship, liturgy given by the Neocatechumenal Way. Organization created in Spain in the mid-sixties at the initiative of painter Kiko Arguello, the movement aims to educate its members in Catholicism and the rediscovery of baptism. Their way of celebrating has been the subject of several discussions. The Neocatechumenal Way, in short, is being celebrated in a small community on Saturday evening, and receive communion in their place, but standing and sitting.

The new letters are the raven, in any case, the sign that the battle inside the Vatican is still ongoing. It shows that "Paoletto," the waiter Benedict XVI arrested ten days ago by the Vatican Gendarmerie on charges that he brought out of the papal documents confidential, even if he were guilty, it's just a small fish. The Crow is back. And, as was clear from the beginning of this story, is not embodied in one person. Just last Wednesday, during the general audience in St. Peter's Square, the Pope had wanted to reaffirm its full confidence "to all my colleagues." Just the main collaborators of the Pope are mentioned in these writings: Cardinal Bertone and Don Georg. So a battle that continues. And what makes this game seem like only the very beginning, presaging the shadow of new twists.


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