Monday, June 11, 2012

Prayers please .. for Onyx's grandson

From Free Republic:
Posted on Monday, June 11, 2012 4:41:20 PM by STARWISE

Please hold Onxy's dear grandson, Brady, in your prayers.

From Onyx over the weekend:

"My 17 year old grandson, Brady is at Georgetown Hospital, Grand Cayman Island, in ICU with severe head injuries .. a distracted driver using a cell phone crashed into Brady and his Dad on their scooter.

Brady was thrown 20 yards. He laid there comatose for 45 minutes before the ambulance arrived from the hospital less than 1 mile away. (Nothing like free medicine).

He has severely bruised lungs and is getting oxygen, and has to be kept highly sedated because of brain swelling and a small blood clot. His Dad is in surgery for crushed knee caps and several other fractures.

DrO talked with his doctors and determined they’re completely competent, (Praise God) and said this is not life threatening.

No internal bleeding, but they have not yet checked for broken bones or fractures. As with all severe brain injuries, until they’re able to bring Brady to consciousness, the extent of the trauma and injury to his brain is an unknown.

If the pressure caused by the swelling doesn’t dissipate, they’ll have to go in. Just a small amount of bleeding, and the blood clot is small, as of 1:00AM


Update this afternoon (after 6 hrs of surgery):

"The new CAT scan showed it all perfect.

The pressure reading is perfect and the swelling is zero. They stopping the sedation med already!

The doctor squeezed him and he showed a reaction!!!

Praise God. Praying that when Brady is taken out of his medically induced coma, that he will still be Brady - that is what I''m praying for."

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