Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cardinal Donald Wuerl Silent on Biden Remarks


By now, it's old news that the Vice President of the United States Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, a nominal Catholic, not only said he supports homosexual "marriage", but that there's no difference between homosexual "marriage" and heterosexual marriage (also known simply as marriage). His support for this issue was so persuasive that, about an hour ago, the President of the United States announced his support for homosexual "marriage" as well.

What's most troubling is the deafening silence stemming from the Ordinary of the ecclesiastical jurisdiction where the Vice President, his diocesan faithful, works - Cardinal Wuerl. Wuerl, who is accustomed to giving our Lord to pro-abortion politicians and celebrities, such as Nancy Pelosi, Chris Matthews and other nominal Catholics in not-so-good standing, has been silent on Biden's remarks. In fact, when contacted by Rorate Caeli, his communications office refused to comment and said it was "highly unlikely" Wuerl would ever say anything publicly.

Yet, he sure was vocal and public when it came to Father Marcel Guarnizo, who is STILL suspended in the Archdiocese of Washington, all for refusing to give Holy Communion to a lesbian Buddhist.

Maybe you, your family, friends, and everyone else who cares about the name of the Church can get the good Cardinal to speak up. If you get a statement, any statement, please let us know:
Office of Media and Public Relations
Secretariat for Communications

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ron simeone said...

I emailed the Archdiocese this past week... Based on that email I did not anticipate a response and, once again, the Archdiocese did not disappoint me!!! To my knowledge, the Cardinal has not made a public statement, regarding the President's endorsement of same sex message but move swiftly to remove a priest who "refused" to give Communion to a self professsed lesbian who is no longer affiliated with the Church.
God help us!