Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bishop Martin Amos and Diocese of Davenport Iowa in Full Blown Retreat

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Well we need to issue a correction-slash follow up to some information we told you about in one of last week’s Vortex episodes .. a significant follow up.

We highlighted a situation at Prince of Peace Catholic High School in Clinton Iowa in the diocese of Davenport Iowa and gave a big hand to the bishop there, 71 year old Martin Amos.

Here’s a quick background summary. A homosexual activist group had announced it was awarding a 40-thousand dollar scholarship to one of Prince of Peace’s graduating seniors because he was openly gay and had the courage to come out to his peers and teachers blah blah.

They are certainly within their rights to give money to whomever they want. But it wasn’t just a case of giving money. Included WITH the award was an agreement between the school and the organization that a representative from the group would ONE – appear at the graduation .. TWO – make a public announcement to the graduates and guests about the nature of the scholarship and THREE – hand a statue to the young man to accompany the money.

When the bishop learned of this .. he correctly had his chancery announce a stop to the proceedings .. not the scholarship money mind you .. that was none of his business .. just the presentation at the CATHOLIC high school graduation ceremonies .. which as chief shepherd of the flock of his diocese is VERY much his business.

When news broke of his decision .. all the expected boo birds came out .. decrying his homophobia and the excessive rigidity and discrimination against poor victim gays and on and on.

Then .. the Catholic world following this story sat back in disbelief as this weekend.. news broke that the bishop has been in quiet sideline negotiations with the gay group.. despite his announcement that the presentation would NOT proceed.

The group The Eychaner Foundation expressed subdued outrage that the boy was being victimized by the mean old homophobic Church. So the Bishop struck a bargain with them which was announced in a statement this weekend. We’ve attached a link.

In short .. remember the three points .. An Eychaner Foundation rep would be at the commencement.. he would make a speech he wrote extolling the glories of being out, loud and proud about being a homosexual student .. and he would hand a trophy statue to the student.

Well .. here’s is the “common ground” compromise. An Eychaner representative will be 1. at the commencement .. his speech WILL BE READ .. just not by him .. but by .. get this .. an OFFICIAL FROM THE DIOCESE .. and then the Eychaner rep will hand the student the statue.

If there was any possible way to strike a compromise which could possibly be WORSE for the Church .. this would be it. Chancery officials must have labored well into the early morning hours to figure how to make the Church look the most imbecilic as possible.

Picture this .. a speech .. the words of an actively supportive homosexual rights group praising and celebrating teenage sodomy are not going to be coming out of the mouth of the actual group .. that is scandalous enough.

But now .. they are going to be pouring out of the mouth of an official of the Church in front of God and everyone. How exactly is this a compromise? The Eychaner group expressed deep satisfaction at the agreement. WE BET THEY DID!

There are so many things wrong and scandalous here .. its hard to know where to begin.

First .. the school staff .. CATHOLIC school staff administration and faculty. This group supported this young fellow in his disordered sexuality .. they wrote letters for him to get the scholarship AND they were jubilant that he brought his “boyfriend” to the prom.

Way to care for his soul. Fantastic models of the faith. Maybe you think the chancery should give you all a raise .. in fact .. you should be fired for gross negligence for failing this young man. You are supporting a moral evil .. corrupting the minds of young men and women in your charge .. and contributing to the continued diminution of the Faith.

The Chancery officials who are complicit in this should immediately lose their positions.

They have bowed to the pressures of the world and not defended Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church and Her infallible teachings.

By allowing this presentation to occur .. chancery and school officials will be sending the very clear message that an accommodation can be made for the grave sin of homosexual acts. Whether they intend to or not .. that is exactly what everyone in that audience will take away from it.

And given the celebrity that has popped up around this case .. who can’t imagine that there wont in fact be a loud sustained and raucous celebration of this award presentation on the part of the other students who will view it as the triumph of good over the wicked forces of homophobia and discrimination?

The question of supporting students who have particular struggles .. be they spiritual, physical or emotional is of course the purview of Catholic school educators .. in fact it is uniquely theirs.

But to celebrate a condition the Church calls objectively disordered in an official setting such as a graduation in front of hundreds and hundreds of people .. and have the local press carry the message beyond the doors and confines of the actual commencement is 2 beyond scandalous.

And the fact that the scandal has been compounded by first standing up for the truth and then doing an about face is even more shocking. But to further add disgrace by actually agreeing to have a Church official stand up and do the reading of the nicely packaged propaganda from an open homosexual group which totally disagrees with Church teaching is simply beyond the pale.

Let’s look at this in reverse. Lets assume that for some odd reason .. the Eychaner Group had a worker that disagreed with their active homosexualism.

And let’s further assume that the diocese of Davenport had the opportunity to go to company headquarters and make a public presentation before hundreds of people praising the employee for his bravery in overcoming the discrimination and Catholophobia he had faced for upholding Church teaching.

Do you think for one instant that the Eychaner group would permit that to happen? Not in thousand eternities.

Church leaders in the US can give all the bravado sounding speeches in front of friendly Catholic audiences they want to. They can write loads of articles and grant interviews and appear on TV and radio in settings that are little else than official mouthpieces for themselves and talk about the need to re-capture the Catholic identity and wanting to be the friendly Church and eschewing that bar public relations image of the “Church of NO” but it wont mean a thing.

And it wont mean a thing because at the root .. the bottom line .. the absolute final measuring stick of Catholic identity is this .. the work to save souls. Period. Souls cannot be saved when the truth is being ignored.

Any loss of souls that might be contributed to by this scandal will be partially on the leaders who facilitated this sad event at the high school. No wonder faithful Catholics are abandoning the so-called Catholic school system. More need to leave .. as quickly as possible. I wonder as the gay group representative hands the award to the gay student.. after the diocesan official has of course finished his propaganda speech .. has amid loud cheers and high-fiving .. I wonder .. who will be concerning themselves with the young man’s soul.

GOD love you .. I’m Michael Voris

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