Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Monsignor Michael, J.C.D., P.H.: The Red Blood of the Martyr St Thomas Becket and Father Gordon MacRae

From Monsignor Michael, J.C.D., P.H., in a guest post at These Stone Walls:
...These words of Thomas Becket resonate in today’s Church, in today’s world. We must rediscover this attachment to the Vicar of Christ. Too many churchmen today are too busy with their careers. They forget this vital link with Peter. They care little or less about the Gospel or its proclamation. Sometimes the Pope is lauded in public but beguiled behind closed doors…Pope Benedict has warned the Church more than once about these dangers of ecclesial ambition which can be found “in the ranks”.

Indeed, years ago, I had a classmate of mine in canon law with whom I got along real well. We studied together and actually sat side by side in the licentiate sessions in Rome and later would defend our thesis’ the same day (quite by chance actually…). I had noticed something strange in my friend and in some other classmates from various parts of the world. They seemed to choose their friends in view of ecclesial ’social climbing’. I was determined not to let my friend fall into this trap in which he seemed to willingly throw himself. So, I went to him and said, ‘Robert, (not his real name) I am leaving for the missions and have something to tell you, If you continue down this road, you will end up in hell’. He was of course, not amused.

But the truth is the truth, and in the Church the truth has to be said…I have seen too many priests just eaten up with ambition, thinking of climbing the ranks... (continued)



Son of St. Philip said...

Vincenzo, please pray for me tomorrow. It is my silver jubilee of ordination. Thanks for posting my article on your blog. Msgr. Michael

Vincenzo said...

You're welcome Msgr. Thank you for writing it. I will pray for you.