Monday, April 16, 2012

Here are your presidential choices as it stands today

By Jim Robinson

Here are their positions on some major issues important to conservatives based on their actual records in government or past boasts.

Issue Obama Romney Newt
Advocated that abortion s/b safe & legal in America y y n
Defended Roe v Wade as settled law y y n
Advocated for abortion for underage girls without parental approval with judge's ok y y n
Supported planned parenthood y y n
Introduced $50 taxpayer funded abortion y y n
Supports homosexual agenda y y n
Better for homosexuals than Ted Kennedy y y n
Ok with homosexuals in Scouts y y n
Ok with homosexuals in military y y n
Supported and still supports global warming hoax y y n
Supports gun control (so-called "assault weapons" ban) y y n
Supports amnesty for illegal aliens (by any other name it's still amnesty) y y n
Is undeniable father of RomneyCare n y n
Is undeniable grandfather of ObamaCare n y n
Still boasts that RomneyCare is great! y y n
Still boasts that RomneyCare is a "conservative solution" n y n
Still believes RomneyCare is constitutional y y n
Still believes individual mandate ok at state level y y n
Believes state forcing individuals to buy health insurance is a conservative idea n y n
Believes compulsory health insurance with mandates and penalties s/b imposed on all states at state level n y n
Believes compulsory health insurance at state level is constitutional (states rights) ? y n
Believes the state has constitutional power to force you into a private contract against your will for no other reason than you live there y y n
Supports government "stimulus" spending claims more is necessary y y n
Believes personal income tax should be cut drastically (15% flat tax) n n y
Believes corp income tax should be cut drastically (12.5% corp rate) n n y
Believes capital expenditures should be 100% expensed in first year n n y
Believes capital gains tax should be eliminated n n y
Believes estate tax (death tax) should be eliminated n n y
Believes federal government must be drastically cut per constitutional limits n n y
Believes unconstitutional federal functions like education should be returned to the states and people per tenth amendment n n y
Believes social security/medicare s/b phased out/privatized/returned to states and people n n y
Believes everyone at EPA should be fired and start over as an agency to look for solutions/not hinder industry n n y
Believes the constitution restricts the government from infringing on inalienable rights n n y
Appoints/supports/cowers to liberal activist judges y y n
Will challenge activist judiciary n n y
Believes in founding principles and has best conservative record to back it up n n y

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Beth said...

This is nice, but Ron Paul is also running and you do a great disservice to your blog and this post by not including him.