Friday, April 20, 2012

Chance to be Ann Barnhardt's Obama "Billboard Neighbor"

Ann Barnhardt at needs a new neighbor for her Obama billboard:
"...Well, the billboard right beneath mine was leased by a local community college, and they got their panties in a twist about being so close to my 'extreme rhetoric', which in retrospect is hilarious. Dude, on the Barnhardt scale of rhetoric, 'Obama is a fraud. Demand resignation now' is about a 0.5 on the old volume dial, packing the heat of a glass of warm milk.

So, they demanded that their billboard be moved to another one of the company's locations, and the company, being very sympathetic to my cause and sentiments, gave me the right of first refusal on the now-abandoned billboard just beneath mine. So I grabbed that one, too. By this time, it was clear what Obama was, and so I kicked up the volume and heat...

The billboard company has agreed to let me see if there is anyone out there who would like to be my new 'billboard neighbor...'

So, some ideas might be a Catholic group wanting to put up a pro-life billboard, or a Divine Mercy billboard. Or an 'I WILL NOT COMPLY' billboard would be fantastic, too. Or a picture of Obama and Eric Holder with just the word TRAITORS. Something like that...
If you are interested, shoot me an email with an idea of what you would want to do and I'll put you in contact with my account rep at the billboard company. Communists need not apply! It really is a fun and satisfying way to exercise your First Amendment freedom!
Here's the pic. You would be replacing the TOP billboard." (continued)

Here are some ideas:

Happy 89th birthday Mother Angelica!

Raymond Arroyo: "On 89th, here is one of my favorite Mother quotes: 'I'm sure Our Lord asked a lot of people to build a network.  There has to be a reason that He chose a few nuns who didn't know anything, in the wrong state of life, with no money--because it goes against reason. Some people say I am a woman of great faith. I'm really a coward  who keeps moving forward."

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