Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A brief digest of "conservative" Romney's greatest accomplishments

By Jim Robinson

Romney's "accomplishments".

1. Implemented/created Gay Marriage in MA

2. Supported and forced Gay Adoption in MA

3. Supported Abortion wholeheartedly

4. Raised taxes/fees over 300% while being Governor of MA

5. Implemented a state-level Cap and Trade system.

6. Supported Man-Made Global Warming

7. Supported the Brady Bill

8. Implemented a state level “Assault” Weapons Bill after the Federal AWB was allowed to expire

9. Supported TARP

10. Supported Amnesty for Illegal Aliens (Citizenship for those already here)

11. Supported McCain-Kennedy (Amnesty)

12. Implemented a socialized medicine in MA called RomneyCare complete with an Individual Mandate and $50 abortions

13. Nominated 27 Democrats (out of 36 nominations) for judgeships in MA, many of them extreme left-wingers


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