Friday, September 23, 2011

Pope rejects Lutheran demands for compromise
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(Deutsche Presse-Agentur) Erfurt, Germany - Pope Benedict XVI on Friday rejected Lutheran demands for rapid compromises that would end the differences between Protestants and Catholics.

In a homily in a Lutheran church in Erfurt, Germany, he said prior to his visit 'there was some talk of an 'ecumenical gift' which was expected from this visit. There is no need for me to specify the gifts mentioned in this context.'

Benedict said, 'Here I would only say that this reflects a political misreading of faith and of ecumenism,' adding that he was not like a head of state visiting a friendly country and signing a diplomatic compromise between both sides.

'The faith of Christians does not rest on such a weighing of benefits and drawbacks. A self-made faith is worthless. Faith is not something we work out intellectually or negotiate between us,' he said.

'Unity grows not by the weighing of benefits and drawbacks but only by entering ever more deeply into the faith in our thoughts and in our lives,' said Benedict, who had earlier spent half an hour longer than scheduled in talks with the Protestant leaders.

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