Saturday, September 10, 2011

Long Lost Celebrity Twins

From NBC New York:*360/gaga_marge.jpg

Lady Gaga & Marge Simpson*480/100510TylerRivers02.jpg

Melissa Rivers, Steven Tyler*480/082409+Twins+John+Edwards+Kenneth+the+Page.jpg

John Edwards & Kenneth the Page on "30 Rock"*480/081110pamelaanderson01.jpg

Pamela Anderson & Chucky's bride Tiffany*480/split-shrek-gandolfini.jpg

Shrek & James Gandolfini*480/061710longlosttwins01.jpg

BP CEO Tony Hayward & Michael Sheen who plays Wesley on 30 Rock*350/030609+Chad+Smith+Will+Ferrell.jpg

Red Hot Chili Peppers' drummer Chad Smith & Will Ferrell.*480/082009-pee-wee-cumming.jpg

Pee Wee Herman & Alan Cumming*480/102009+Twins+Elijah+Wood+Mischa+Barton.jpg

The Hobbit, Elijah Wood & Mischa Barton*480/image10.jpg

Kenny G & Weird Al

Mary-Kate Olsen & Chewbacca*480/102009+Twins+Stephen+Colbert+Bob+Saget.jpg

Stephen Colbert and Bob Saget*480/twins-badgley-mayer.jpg

Penn Badgley & John Mayer*480/twins-sandler-dylan.jpg

Adam Sandler & Bob Dylan*350/071209celeblookalikes01.jpg

Fashion designer Donatella Versace and Janice the Muppet*350/061909-twins-perlman-munster.jpg

Ron Perlman & Herman Munster

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Elizabeth said...

Please tell me the Donatella Versace photo was photoshopped...she just looks Too much like Janice to be real:)
Thanks for the LOL!