Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Father Frank Pavone: Priests for Life Now an International Association

Update: Father Frank Pavone Prevented From Running Priests for Life
Update: Official Statement of Father Frank Pavone
Update: Letter From Father Frank Pavone to Bishops and Cardinals

From Fr. Frank Pavone's blog:

The Pastoral Team of Priests for Life announced today that it has formed an International Private Association of the Faithful called the Gospel of Life Association. Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, explained, “Priests for Life has for some time now been a family of ministries. As we have grown and diversified, the work of these ministries has also increasingly become international. Twenty years ago, Priests for Life was established as a Private Association here in the United States. Now we felt it was appropriate to establish the same kind of association internationally, and to have our various branch ministries formally ratify their intent to be such an association.”

The benefit of an association is that the groups work with a more deliberate emphasis on the fact that pro-life is a spirituality, not simply a cause. The Association is guided by special bylaws that express the cohesion of the ministries as a family of believers.

Along with Priests for Life, the ministries are Missionaries of the Gospel of Life, Rachel’s Vineyard, Silent No More Awareness Campaign, Seminarian Life Link, Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues, Life on the Line, Prayer Campaign, Deacons for Life, Hispanic Outreach, African American Outreach, Political Responsibility and Stand True Youth Outreach.

Update:  Father Frank Pavone Prevented From Running Priests for Life


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