Monday, August 22, 2011

'Machine Gun Preacher' Movie Poster Sparks Mixed Reactions

(Christian Post) A movie poster for a biopic about a drug dealer who converted to Christianity has some critics raising eyebrows for its depiction of actor Gerard Butler toting a machine gun in one hand while shielding a small child with the other.

"I know it’s based on a true story, but, I’m sorry folks, because this poster makes me want to run the other way, fast," wrote the author of indieWIRE's "Shadow and Act" blog.

"By the looks of that tiny swathe of space between the gun and the boy, this is clearly a man who knows what children need," wrote Mallika Rao at The Huffington Post. "Great job, 'Machine Gun Preacher' team! Nothing says 'Hope is the greatest weapon of all' like your tagline."

Others, however, insist the poster, released this week by Relativity Media, might actually attract viewers to the film.

"I understand your point of view," wrote one commenter on The Huffington Post article. "For me the experience was different. The poster inspired me even more to see the movie."

Another commenter sought to correct apparent misconceptions about the nature of the film: "I daresay that most of the children this man has rescued would argue that seeing Sam Childers wielding an assault rifle in their defense does give them hope. It certainly would be a lot more hopeful life living at his orphanage than the short, brutal existence they would be guaranteed at the hands of the LRA..."

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