Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Executive Secretary of ICEL on Corrected Translation: "Generally the Feedback Has Been Very Positive"

From Fr. Z at WDTPRS (who just won Best Blog by a Cleric, Best Blog by a Man, and Best Produced Podcast at the 2011 Catholic New Media Awards):

"On the site of the Bishops Conference of England and Wales, there is an audio/podcast with Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth, Executive Secretary of ICEL about the new, corrected translation."
Generally the feedback has been very positive. People find the elegance of the language, its dignity, the sort of cadence of the language – which particularly lends itself to the sung parts of the liturgy – they find all of that to be a great improvement.“  [It isn't perfect, but it is a great improvement.]...

“The printed altar edition of the new Missal has the largest amount of music of any Missal the Church has ever produced in any language. The style of the music that’s in the altar edition of the Missal is Gregorian chant, which is a common form of liturgical song which is traditional in the Catholic Church and takes us back to the Church of the first Millennium and the earliest centuries. That’s the music which is in the Latin Missal, of which our English Missal is a translation.”  [It could be that people forget that.  The English book is a translation.  Our real book is in Latin.]...

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