Saturday, September 4, 2010


From Father V:

There is another word that I have found VERY useful to have people define. It is the world “traditional.” It is another one of those words that everyone thinks everyone else is on the same page about but rarely is this true.

Here is an example: A family comes in the plan the funeral Mass for a relative. When we get to the music they say, “We don’t care. Just make it traditional.” Now, I had a whole list of songs in my head that I was thinking of suggesting to our music director to have ready for this funeral all of which were written long before my great grandparents were even thought of. But then they said something that did not seem to quite correspond with what I was thinking and so I asked, “Can you give me at least one song that you would like to hear so that I can build around it?”

“On Eagles Wings.”

“Okay. Got it!”...

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