Thursday, September 9, 2010

From Swissmiss:
"Everyone keep Father George Welzbacher in their prayers. He was taken to the hospital this evening."

Update - Father Z adds:
"A request for prayers.

A reader sent:
Our beloved bishop, Bp. Choby [of Nashville], is having open heart surgery tomorrow. After several days of chest pain, he drove himself to the Emergency Room at St Thomas at 5 this morning, and was admitted with one artery 80% blocked and the others blocked to various degrees.  Surgery is scheduled for first thing in the morning. A good and holy man, who bridges pre and post Vatican II with intellectual strength, true faith, and a virile pastoral disposition, we desperately need him as well as love him.
I also ask your prayers for a dear priest friend, and one of the smartest men I know, Fr. George Welzbacher, who is spending this evening with some medical supervision. It is not anything in the order of what I posted above, but when you are over 80 it is good to be careful and have the support of many prayers.  He should be home in the morning.  I have posted some of Fr. W’s good "pastor’s pages" here from time to time.

Would you also offer a prayer for a personal intention?  Many thanks."
Request for prayers for two … three… priests

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