Friday, September 3, 2010

Cultural Marxism in the Classroom: Parental Complaints Result in Restrictions of Parental Access

From Gulag Bound:

One slice of American Marxism’s massive assault upon our children’s minds

Reported by the Minnesota Family Council
After parents of Big Lake School District students began protesting the high school’s diversity lessons, district officials proposed a policy to control parental access to the schools.Parents in the District have spoken out against the Diversity Perspectives class textbook that promotes what one parent described as “an extremely liberal agenda.” And, parents state, the text includes concepts promoting socialism and homosexuality.
After bringing their concerns forward, word spread that the Big Lake School Board is considering a policy that impairs parents’ ability to monitor what and how their children are being taught during school.
The policy gives school principals and/or officials autonomous control over whether or not parents can come into their child’s school or observe a class.
This unbelievably overreaching bureaucratic decision exemplifies the mindset of the governing class: we are smarter than you, we are in charge, and anyone who challenges us must be put down.

Further research turned up a little more information, but  I can not find this reported in the local news.
Parents in the District have spoken out against the Diversity Perspectives class textbook that promotes what one parent described as ‘an extremely liberal agenda.’ …the text includes concepts promoting socialism and homosexuality.
Before a meeting in the high school, parent Teri Dickinson video taped student work hanging on the walls of the Diversity Perspectives classroom. The papers depicted Christopher Columbus, a man of deep faith and convictions, as a rapist and murderer. The projects also called him a pillager and terrorist. ‘I just couldn’t believe what I saw,’ Dickinson said. ‘I wanted to be able to share it with other parents.’…
Bob Barrett, parent of Big Lake first and third graders, is so concerned about the class that he read the Diversity Perspectives textbook, Oppression and Social Justice: Critical Frameworks. He says the book propagates a political viewpoint of oppression foisted upon others by white males, beginning with Columbus. …an entire chapter, say parents, is devoted to anti-capitalism.  And, the parents note, the book endorses gay and bisexual agendas….
Mary Stultz contacted her 9th grade son’s Life Skills teacher when she learned a public health nurse would be giving a condom-showing presentation on contraception. At first, the teacher welcomed her to attend the class. ‘The speaker (also) welcomed me in.’… But the morning of the presentation, Big Lake High School Principal Darrel Easterly banned her from the school, via the teacher, citing data privacy laws. Stultz was stunned.
Meet the Author of several chapters of the curriculum: Julie Andrzejewski. 
Scholarly and Professional Activities:
Andrzejewski’s scholarly work includes five editions of an anthology entitled, Oppression and Social Justice: Critical Frameworks. She also co-authored a book,Why Can’t Sharon Kowalski Come Home, which was positively reviewed in the New York Times Book Review and Publisher’s Weekly among others. She recently co-authored a monograph with Dr. John Alessio, Education for Global Citizenship and Social Responsibility, for the John Dewey Project on Progressive Education ( and a article for the American Sociological Review titled, Unveiling the Hidden Glass Ceiling: An Analysis of the Cohort Effect Claim.
She is a member of the American Education Research Association and many of the social and environmental Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) within it (i.e. Critical Educators for Social Justice, Critical Examination of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class, Environmental and Ecological Education, Research on Women in Education, Democratic Citizenship in Education, Peace Education, Lesbian and Gay Studies, Research Focus on Black Americans, Indigenous Peoples of the Americas). At the 2002 AERA conference, she chaired an interactive symposium with panelists from many of these SIG’s titled: Social and Environmental Justice Education: Should it be evaluated by guidelines or standards?
And again I say, “Remove your children from public schools immediately!” …IMHO.

Why would  concerned parents hand their impressionable offspring over to an influential group whose ideology is contrary to their own, for daily propaganda lessons?

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