Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Father George David Byers has a new blog

Father George David Byers (of bloggingTheImmaculateMotherofMercy aka bloggingLourdes) has a new blog, so you will want to update your links.

Some recent news from Fr. George about the Fathers of Mercy:

"The very Reverend Father David Wilton, CPM, is the new Superior General of the Fathers of Mercy. Let us offer him our prayers and best wishes. I have known Father David for decades. He is a good man."

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TLMWx said...

Hello Vincenzo,
I tried to get to Fr Byer's blog but it appears to be protected. I admired those two hearts you did for him and was looking for the images. I would love to use them in a prayer card being made up to defeat Lisbon Treaty in Ireland. Any chance you have them still?