Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tony Blair tells the Pope: you're wrong on homosexuality

Pope Benedict XVI and Tony Blair

(L'Osservatore Romano/AP)

The Pope greets Tony Blair during a private audience with him and his wife Cherie at the Vatican

Tony Blair has challenged the “entrenched” attitudes of the Pope on homosexuality, and argued that it is time for him to “rethink” his views.

Speaking to the gay magazine Attitude, the former Prime Minister, himself now a Roman Catholic, said that he wanted to urge religious figures everywhere to reinterpret their religious texts to see them as metaphorical, not literal, and suggested that in time this would make all religious groups accept gay people as equals.

Asked about the Pope’s stance, Mr Blair blamed generational differences and said: “We need an attitude of mind where rethinking and the concept of evolving attitudes becomes part of the discipline with which you approach your religious faith...”


Anonymous said...

Now that Blair is Catholic--he thinks he's the new Pope!? Wow--talk about nerve--going to the representative of Christ and telling him he's wrong--sheesh.

belinda said...

Tony Are you FRIGGIN kidding me. Asking the Pope to RETHINK his views !!!Your such an ass, and your putting the Pope on your level.
I can't believe that he had the NERVE to correct our Pope.

You know he wants to rule the world.

belinda said...

I mean "on your" level as in - he's treating the Pope as an equal. Someone tell that convert that we don't do that.