Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sadly flawed arguments against the Bishop of Medjugorje (Mostar-Duvno Diocese) on the letter to Sr. Elvira of Cenacolo

From Te Deum laudamus!:
"This is a lengthy post related to Medjugorje - a complex topic which I rarely discuss. I might get a little repetitive in a few spots, but that is done on purpose.

EDIT: Considerable discussion has been added to the combox for those interested.

In the wake of two letters released in English today by Bishop Ratko Perić, the local Bishop in whose diocese Medjugorje falls - one addressed to Sister Elvira of the Cenacolo Community, and the other to the Oasis of Peace Community, there is a report found on the site of Medjugorje USA I would like to analyze..."

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