Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"This new 'flying bishop' plan is lunacy "

From Damian Thompson:

"The plan to create a new breed of souped-up "flying bishop" to protect Church of England traditionalists from women bishops is so wacky that it belongs in a children's cartoon rather than a body claiming to be a historic wing of the apostolic Church.

It conjures up images of Superbishop gliding into the vestry of St Dorothy's, mitre in hand, and telling a group of terrified traddies: "Never fear! With my NEW MAGIC POWERS I can zap women bishops as well as women priests." And the traddies replying, in quavering voices: "Oh, thank you, Superbishop! Now we are now safe from Womanbishop and her evil minions!"

This Hanna-Barbera plan, revealed by my colleague Jonathan Wynne-Jones, gives off a strong whiff of desperation. And I'm not just referring to the feelings of the Archbishop of Canterbury..."


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