Monday, October 6, 2008

Vision of the Church

From Holy Cards For Your Inspiration:

Saint John Bosco's dream/vision.
"One of the pillars to save the Church in St. John Bosco's dream was the Eucharist. May Jesus in the Eucharist be the center of the lives of each of us."

Fr. Tommy Lane

"In a vision, the Lord showed St. John Bosco the dangers threatening the Church. He saw the Church, Ship of Peter, surrounded by a loyal flotilla, locked in mortal combat with superior forces which repeatedly brought it to the edge of annihilation. At a crucial moment, the Holy Father fell mortally wounded. The enemy, sensing victory, closed in for the kill.

Suddenly two columns surged from the depths of the ocean. One was surmounted by a monstrance holding the Blessed Sacrament - "Salvation of Believers;" the other by a statue of Mary Immaculate – "The Help of Christians."

The sight of the columns and the election of a new Pope caused the enemy to unleash a last blistering attack to prevent the Pontiff from anchoring the Church between the two pillars. The assailant's plan failed, and their attack turned into a rout and total disaster.

The Pope and his faithful defenders found safety anchored between the two columns. The winds subsided and the sea grew calm. The victory was complete.

St. John Bosco assures us that when the Church is battered by enemies from within or from without, salvation can only come from JESUS IN THE EUCHARIST, MARY, THE HELP OF CHRISTIANS, and THE POPE, the Vicar of Christ on earth.

The dreams/visions of St. John Bosco are published in the book DON BOSCO'S DREAMS, Salesiana Publishers, 148 Main Street, New Rochelle, NY 10801 ($9.90)"

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