Saturday, October 11, 2008

As the 'Obama-nation' nears, priests sound alarm

By Matt C. Abbott

Though they are (sadly) in the minority, some Catholic priests are sounding the alarm of what already is — a massive spiritual and moral bankruptcy that many still refuse to recognize — and what's to come.

In addition to Archbishop Raymond Burke and Fathers Tom Euteneuer, Frank Pavone, John Corapi, John Trigilio and J. Patrick Serna — their faithful witness is well-documented and laudable — others are speaking out.

Father James Farfaglia, of the Corpus Christi, Tex., Catholic diocese:

    'I am writing to you with an urgent request. I understand that Senator John McCain is not a perfect candidate, but when it comes to the issue of abortion, we need to get what we can. McCain will appoint a pro-life Supreme Court justice; Obama will appoint a pro-abortion one. Moreover, with an Obama presidency, the funding for Planned Parenthood will be out of control. Presently, it looks as if Senator Obama could win the election. This would be a complete disaster for the pro-life movement. Everything that we have legally gained in the past years for the pro-life movement will be thrown out the window.

    'I know a lot of people consider Randall Terry to be very controversial. I just got off the phone with him because I read an Internet article regarding what happened to him this weekend in Arlington. This is the first time that we have spoken and our conversation was excellent. What he describes in his statement is absolutely the truth. We have a similar situation going on in the Diocese of Corpus Christi. The diocesan newspaper will not allow any discussion regarding the bishop's Faithful Citizenship pastoral document.

    'Faithful Citizenship is a smoke screen that gives Catholics the possibility to vote for pro-abortion candidates, i.e. Barack Obama. I just reviewed Randall's Web site and the articles he has posted. They are excellent and I support his efforts. Many of our bishops are involved in a conspiracy against life. If they can't see the evil of homosexuality among their priests, how are they going to see the evil of abortion?'

Father Richard Perozich, of the San Diego, Calif., Catholic diocese:

    'Leave me alone, please!

    'This is not an uncommon attitude from time to time among us Catholics when we hear an exhortation to belief, to action in a homily or an instruction from the Holy Father, the bishop, or the pastor of our parish when this exhortation challenges our current attitude in life which imprisons us while the Church offers us true freedom in Jesus. Another retort is, 'Why are you bothering me with this? There are more important issues in the world.'

    'Above all things I value my freedom and your freedom. Freedom exists in being able to have power, possessions, and prestige. Freedom exists in being able to go where you want to go when you want to do it. Freedom means being able to think with the mind of God, exercise your skills, express your ideas at least privately and most of the time publicly as well. While freedom can be taken from us in our power, possessions and prestige, our physical liberty and our rights by the state or by a criminal, it never can be taken from us in our soul. We are still ultimately free persons when we have the attitude of Jesus, think with the mind of Jesus, and love with the heart of Jesus, even if we are limited by the state or by evil men and women from exercising our will in Jesus.

    'While we may not be in jail (at least at the moment), under house arrest, or in jeopardy of losing our personal liberty today, we are not truly free from attacks with the goal of domination of us by other people, the devil, and the passions when they are not in accord with the order of God.

    'When Catholics are urged to vote Catholic, some of us think we are being pressured by the Church, our freedom threatened by the Church. These Catholics respond that in America we have separation of church and state.

    'What we really have constitutionally is freedom to express our religion and that Congress only cannot establish one denomination or religion as the state religion.

    'Yet the state is encroaching on our religious beliefs, our freedom by passing laws which indoctrinate us, penalize us for non conformity, and take away our liberty. One law builds on another until a prison of thought and action is formed against us Christian believers. The state intertwines itself with religion, silences religious belief, and there is no separation any more.

    'The chief agents of this silencing of religion have been Catholic politicians who accept money and praise from special interest groups. These Catholics have abandoned faith and us who elected them, and are slaves to people with evil ideas.

    'The evils seeking dominance in our culture are abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, and homosexual activity. No Catholic politician can remain Catholic and go to Holy Communion while voting in favor of these. No Catholic in the pew can go to Holy Communion while voting in favor of these politicians and these policies [Father C. Frank Phillips, C.R., pastor of St. John Cantius Parish in Chicago, has said virtually the same on more than one occasion from the pulpit].

    'The evils are well organized. The spirit of evil infects the souls of individuals who put these evils into practice in their lives. These people give over their freedom becoming slaves to these sins. The people doing evil then organize into groups, and begin to force their lifestyles on the rest of us.

    'First evil forms people into groups to organize and express itself. People then reinvent themselves with new names such as gays and lesbians instead of chaste men and women, or women for choice instead of free women for life, or "progressives" instead of faithful people. Evil then beings to take over in 4 ways: infiltration, indoctrination, intimidation, and imposition.

    'When we know an unrepentant woman who has killed a child through abortion, we feel horror for her act and for the child, but also sorrow for her. We want her to feel better. We let her infiltrate through telling her story as to why she aborted. Then she begins to indoctrinate us in the necessity of freedom of choice. She begins to intimidate us with accusations of intolerance and hate. Finally she and her politicians impose laws on us which require us to accept it and practice it, such as medical students who must learn this to become doctors now in California

    'When we know persons with same sex attractions who have not learned to master chastity, we feel sorry for them. We want them to feel better. They infiltrate by asking for tolerance. They reinvent themselves saying that this is who they are. They indoctrinate with false ideas that they are genetically created this way, that they cannot change, that their sex is just as good as, or even better than, normal people because they don't create overpopulation. They intimidate, calling us bigots, hate-filled people, intolerant. Finally they impose laws forcing us to learn about their sinful lifestyle, to accept it, to take away our freedoms if we don't accept it, to teach this as normal in schools, nursing programs, to celebrate it publicly in parades, schools, and the work place as 'diversity' when in fact it is perversity.

    'Famous people with diseases come on TV infiltrating our thinking through sympathy saying that we need to kill embryos so they can get better. They indoctrinate us saying that this is the only way. They intimidate through ridicule of other methods and of the people of life and faith who try to save the embryos. Finally they impose laws, often through Catholic politicians to spend your money to kill embryos for research. Others do the same with euthanasia. My health may not always be perfect, but I don't want to live in slavery in this world by taking the life of another in order to do so. This experimentation reaches its ultimate perversion in cloning of embryos, experimentation combining human and animal research.

    'Unfortunately we hear the saying, 'It's the economy, stupid.' In a sense this is correct because losing one's financial freedom and security may be a greater fear than losing deeper liberties of the soul. Losing the soul, however, is the worst reality.

    'Jesus came to give us the truth that will set us free. He asks us Catholics to maintain that freedom. Look carefully at your politicians. Do not let them deceive you by telling you that they are Catholic when they vote against the Catholic Faith.

    'Like it or not, freedoms are being taken away in politics. There is no longer separation of Church and state. The state is taking over your life and freedom, making you a slave to evil.'

And speaking of California...Father Geoffrey Farrow recently "came out of the closet" to his parishioners. Joseph Fry was one of them.

Said Mr. Fry:

"My family and fellow parishioners were ambushed by Father Geoffrey Farrow, who decided to have his 'coming out party' at Mass last weekend. His homily was about us accepting homosexuals, defeating California Proposition 8 and accepting homosexual marriage. My two teenage daughters, 7-year-old daughter, and 11-year-old son (who was altar serving for Father Geoff) received a sexual education class on homosexuality, homosexual marriage,
f-----s and all the other words and phrases he used, all of which are against our Catholic beliefs. I called, e-mailed and faxed Bishop Steinbock but received no response."

Interestingly, one source in the diocese claims that the bishop has known about Father Farrow for at least five years.

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