Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Special Ops

From Maureen in a comment at NLM:
"In a world that doesn't understand the mind of the Council Fathers...

[sad scenes of your favorite liturgical abuses]

When you need the Sacraments.
When you want the Extraordinary Form.
When no one has been trained.
When even your bishop won't help you.

Maybe you can call in --

Ecclesia Dei: Special Ops.

[quick cuts of priests on motorcycles, priests on skis in snowy barrens, priests crawling on their belly through underbrush, priests parachuting]

[Shot of priest at just opened door.]

"I'm from the Vatican, and I'm here to help you."

[quick cuts of various traditional forms of the Sacraments and other devotions, each led by a priest in full traditional array.]

Good guys wear black!

Ecclesia Dei: Special Ops."


Adoro said...


That description brings to mind an image from a few years ago at my parish.

We have Confession 3 times per day (either before or after each Daily Mass), and twice on Saturday for an hour. On Saturdays, we'd have 2-3 priests, and it was possible for 4 to be around, even though the 4th wasn't hearing Confessions.

My Adoration hour is at 3, Confessionsa at 4, so as I stood in the vestibule talking to a friend, we watched priests come towards us, diverting to the chapel and confessionals from all directions.

"'d think we were in a Church or something," I commented. All we needed was for a priest to come parachuting through the roof!

I would have applauded that.

And if I had the money, I'd PAY for that!

swissmiss said...

Around here Father Echert is the priest on the Batcycle and he rides with his cassock on :) Father Z was just at St. Augustine's for Argument of the Month.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Vin: I think Maureen robbed us! Dude, didn't we come up with that quite a while ago!?!