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What a bunch of Muppets: The celebrities and their fuzzy doppelgangers

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 1:45 PM on 29th May 2008

Watching TV classic The Muppets, do you ever think the furry puppets remind you of someone?

While most of Jim Henson's creations are based on creatures from the animal kingdom, their strikingly human characteristics and quirky personalities are remarkably similar to many of our favourite celebrities.

The most obvious likeness was between Big Brother 3 contestant Jade Goody and feisty Miss Piggy.

The former dental nurse was likened to Kermit's love interest by the press during her time on the reality show in 2002.

Jade Goody Embassy nightclub 22 Sep 2007
Miss Piggy

Feisty females: Reality star Jade Goody is just as feisty at Miss Piggy

Troubled rocker Pete Doherty is the spitting image of Muppets character Crazy Harry.

The Babyshambles frontman appears to share personality traits with the pyrotechnics expert, who famously blew things up at the climax of a Muppets episode - he's known for his wild, unpredictable behaviour.

Down to his unkempt, scraggy hair, indie-style wardrobe, heavy bags under his eyes and a pale demeanour, Pete is a dead ringer for Crazy Harry.

Pete Doherty
Crazy Harry Muppets

Attention-seeking: Pete Doherty and Crazy Harry

Meanwhile, Chancellor Alistair Darling shares a remarkable amount of personality traits with Sam The Eagle, despite the obvious similarity of their heavy-set, black eyebrows - or a mono brow in Sam's case.

As the national symbol of the United States, Sam the Eagle feels a great deal of responsibility for his country and tries to keep order amongst his unruly Muppets - just as Alistair would do in his position of Chancellor.

Weight on their shoulders: Alistair Darling and Sam The Eagle

With his cuddly appearance and friendly demeanour, Gavin & Stacey star James Cordon can be likened to one of the most popular Muppets Fozzie Bear.

Just like James, Fozzie is a comedian. But while James has fans in hysterics in the BBC comedy, Fozzie is subjected to heckling by disgrunted audiences listening to his terrible jokes.

Lovable lads: James Corden and Fozzie Bear

Benidorm star and comedian Johnny Vegas reminds some of Junior Gorg - the youngest of the Gorg family from Muppets spin-off Fraggle Rock.

Both Johnny and Junior share a wide girth and a prominent chin and a scraggy hairstyle.

As prince of the universe, dim-witted Junior Gorg spends his days doing chores for his parents and planting radishes - a distant lifestyle from beer-swilling Johnny.

Johnny Vegas 17 May 2008
Muppets Junior Gorg

Larger than life: Johnny Vegas and Junior Gorg

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse shares a few characteristics with The Electric Mayhem drummer Animal.

Both have musical talent, have a distinctive style and are known be quite vocal about their feelings.

While Amy's behaviour has been erratic over the last few months, the singer would stop short of eating her drums, as Animal is often predisposed to munch on his instruments.

Musical mayhem: Amy Winehouse and Animal

Alan Carr 29 MAy 2008
Rizzo the Rat Muppets

Scene stealer: Comedian Alan Carr and Rizzo The Rat

Friday Night Project host Alan Carr shares a few physical attributes with Rizzo The Rat.

While Rizzo's eyesight appears to be just fine, the pair are noted for their prominent front teeth.

Other Muppets who share facial features with celebrities include Kermit The Frog and Coronation Street actress Helen Worth; Scooter and Chris Evans, Dr Bunsen Honeydrew and U.S. actor Willie Garson; daredevil Gonzo and Adrien Brody and The Electric Mayhem guitarist Janice and fashion designer Donatella Versace.

Helen Worth Coronation Street Gail Platt
Kermit The Frog Muppets

TV stalwarts: Coronation Street actress Helen Worth (Gail Platt) and Kermit The Frog

Ginger and proud: Bespectacled radio host Chris Evans and backstage gofer Scooter

Willie Garson Sex And The City film premire New York 27 May 2008
Dr Bunsen Honeydew Muppets

Sex And The City star Willie Garson and resident Muppets scientist Dr Bunsen Honeydew

Adrien Brody Conde Nast Traveler 8th Annual Hot List Party 17 Apr 2008
Muppets Gonzo

Romantic and daring: Adrien Brody takes on daring acting roles, while Gonzo prefers to go one step further and shoots himself out of cannon balls

Janice Muppets
Donatella Versace March 2007

Blonde-haired and luscious lipped: Hippy guitarist Janice has the same make-up style and hair at Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace

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