Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lebanese Cardinal Meets With US President

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Patriarch and Bush Discuss "Common Vision" of Independent Nation

WASHINGTON, D.C., MAY 22, 2008 ( The Maronite patriarch of Antioch met with U.S. President George Bush on Wednesday, seeking his help to keep Lebanon peaceful and independent.

The White House noted that Cardinal Nasrallah Pierre Sfeir and the president met in the Oval Office "to discuss the unique and important role of the Maronite Christian community in Lebanon. They discussed their common vision of an independent, sovereign and peaceful Lebanon.

"They also acknowledged the agreement signed by Lebanese leaders today in Doha is a step in the right direction. The president reiterated his commitment to supporting Lebanon, and to the full implementation of the Security Council resolutions 1559 and 1701 meant to bring it peace and security."

The cardinal said Monday in Texas that he planned to ask Bush's "help so Lebanon will be sovereign and independent and have the best situation with all her neighbors," the Houston Chronicle reported.

Cardinal Sfeir is on a multi-continent trip that he began May 4. His first stops included Qatar and South Africa, and during the U.S. leg of the trip, he stopped in New York, Philadelphia, and Houston, Texas...

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