Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Edwards Endorses Obama


Anonymous said... would think his change comes from a desire to become Obama's running mate? Guess he think's Obama will be the front runner--if he thought Hilary would be the front runner--I'm sure he would have changed his mind toward her.

Vincenzo said...


swissmiss said...

They are even bigger opportunists than Heineken guy.

Nothing like hitchin' yer horse to a guy who votes to kill babies at any point. Yee haaaa!

Chris said...

where oh where did you find that horrid song??!? :D
Thanks for the comment on my blog Vincenzo. I am a big fan of your Photoshop works. The one of Fr. Z a la Spiderman made me laugh out loud.

Vincenzo said...

:) I found it at Rush Limbaugh's web site last year. Paul Shanklin ( ) sings it.