Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Father Sid!


Ordained at 76, today he's 80 and spitting nails!

May 8, 2008 Indianapolis, Indiana - In the Indianapolis metropolitan area, many know Father Sidney A. Sidor at St. Athanasius Byzantine Catholic Church for his nail spitting sermons, his orthodox approach to the Catholic faith, Patristic academics and his Jungian scholarship. Yet many are unaware that Father Sid answered the call to serve the Holy Trinity only after a successful career in industry and the military.

We have all watched him turn around a dimming parish and develop it into a bright light for many people who desire Eastern Christianity in Central Indiana. And, one of his greatest accomplishment has been bringing direction by way of the Gospels to those who seemed to have lost their way in life. So many people who are sick in mind, body or soul, dying or imprisoned have found comfort in his words of hope of something much better.

Una Voce Carmel wishes you a Happy Birthday! Thank you for your service to God and country! May God grant you many more serving years in Central Indiana!

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