Friday, November 2, 2012

Romney ahead of Obama in Pennsylvania by Four

(Erie County Pennsylvania Republican Party) Susquehanna Polling and Research results for Pennsylvania released today shows Mitt Romney leading President Obama 49% to 45% among 1376 likely voters. Two percent are undecided and 3% are for other candidates.

In the same sample Republican Tom Smith leads Senator Casey by two percentage points in the race for the United States Senate seat from Pennsylvania. Smith is at 48% to Casey’s 46% according to this poll.

Diana Irey Vaughan (R) is tied with McCord at 45% each, David Freed(R) trails Kane by 45% to 47% and Maher(R)  leads DePasuale 45% to 44%.

This poll shows the highly competitive nature of all statewide races where there are no highly favored candidates and it also reveals that Pennsylvania is definitely in play for both the presidential and senatorial races which will determine control of the direction of this nation between two differing visions on energy independence, education, international trade, balancing the budget and support for small businesses.


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