Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's a Free Country - The Vortex With Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV

Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris.

Republican presidential hopeful Senator Rick Santorum has ruffled the feathers of the liberal religious establishment .. in this case .. the Jewish anti-defamation league .. also known as the ADL.

In one of the purest pieces of hypocrisy you are likely to read in the arena where politics and religion cross over .. the ADL has issued a press release telling Santorum to shut up about his religion .. which by the way is Roman Catholicism.

The statement says in part .. "religious appeals to voters are simply unacceptable and un-American." First of all, says who? Abe Foxman of the ADL? Who appointed him the arbiter of what can be said by political candidates?

Secondly .. he never seemed to get all upset when candidate Obama was tromping across the country and speaking in every protestant church who would let him in.

He never seemed to get upset when the Clintons were barnstorming across the United
States and speaking to every inner-city black Church congregation who would welcome

In fact .. Clinton spent soooo much time speaking before church crowds in the inner city, that he was nicknamed “the first black president”.

So where Foxman comes off saying its un-American and unacceptable is quite the
mystery. Perhaps he means its un-American and unacceptable when an actual
BELIEVING traditional Christian .. in this case .. Catholic says it.

BTW – Am I allowed to say “catholic”? Just sayin’!

Anyway .. this is the default position of the liberal political class .. of which the Jewish Anti-Defamation League is a prominent cheerleader and card-carrying member .. despite their claims to be .. um .. non-partisan.

Just a 5 second scroll through their homepage will reveal that they have come down
squarely on the side of every liberal political position known to man .. from partial birth abortion .. to “regular” abortion to individuals of the same gender engaging in sex with one another and demanding it be called marriage.

Yep ..nary a cause célèbre of the perverted political agenda goes by without the ADL
right there with their smug self-righteous pronunciations on what’s allowed to be said and what’s not.

And of course .. if someone challenges their stance on something .. the liberal elite PR machine kicks into high gear and the dreaded .. conversation ending .. charge of anti- Semitism is leveled against all opposition .. much the same as the charge of racism is leveled against opponents of Obama’s.

Well .. while we are on the topic of all these “isms” .. sure seems to me that the ADL is guilty of propagating the foul social illness of anti-Catholicism. After all .. Rick Santorum is Catholic .. loud and proud about it as a matter of fact .. and he committed the political heresy of using the name Jesus NOT in connection with the liberal agenda.

After years of having quite successfully hijacked Jesus for their own political purposes .. liberals simply cannot stand to see Him spoken about in actual TRUTHFUL terms .. such as his calling out of sin and evil and the consequences of a political and cultural order not conformed to His Divine Will.

Expect more of this condescending bluster as the campaign rolls along. We’ve attached a link to their press release on this page.

GOD Love You.

I’m Michael Voris.

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