Wednesday, October 20, 2010

THE speech! ( Archbishop Raymond Burke )


Enoch said...

Michael Voris said:

"There is an army of faithful Catholics ready to come to the aid of any bishop who would have them. In one fell swoop, dump the lukewarms and the liberals in your chanceries, and hire good and faithful Catholics."

I dunno, but this sounds a bit problematic to me. I know that Mr. Voris means well, it's unrealistic to think that liberals will ever be dumped in one fell swoop. Especially if the bishops have a liberal bent themselves.

If the Church is to be reformed, and brought back to consistently sound Catholic teaching, then it will take time, much prayer, and sacrifice. It would be more realistic to say that we should try to convert the liberals, one by one, by sound example of how Catholics should live, and what they are supposed to believe.

In addition to the presumably conservative values that this supposed "army" of faithful Catholics should have, and in addition to adherence to sound Catholic teaching, if any true reform is to take place, then this "army" will also need humility, and the willingness to be obedient in all things (except sin and error of course).

Otherwise, many of the same problems will remain, especially in regards to the laity believing that they are their own authority, and they needen't pay much attention to the heirarchy, which is a problem in many parishes.

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Thank you, V.
This is such an important message to get out to the "masses".
Cardinal-elect Burke has been vilified for many years because of his clear, strong and solid stance about the norms of Holy Mother Church.
He is the most pastoral, loving and holy prelate I know. He is my spiritual father and the father of our Institute.
He is no "ogre".
Far from it.
He speaks the words of our Lord Jesus Christ.
He loves the Church.
He is a great man.
And we love him very much.