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Medjugorje Coverup?

By Louis Bélanger end of the “apparitions” announced by the Lady of Medjugorje has raised one of the most, if not the most important objection that has hindered the recognition of their supernatural character.

Today, we’re put to a most disagreeable but necessary task: that of showing that crucial information has been concealed in a major work by an admiral of the medjugorjean armada, historian-exegete-theologian-mariologist-journalist René Laurentin.

Our last editorial reproduced the tape recorded declarations made by the Medjugorje visionaries according to which the Gospa announced, on June 30, 1981, that she would appear to them three more times. We have shown:
• the authenticity of our sources and reliability of the transcripts;
• that most explicitly and without the least ambiguity the visionaries transmit, precisely and by mutual agreement, the announcement of the end of the “apparitions” by the Lady of Medjugorje.
One would expect that such a major announcement would have been communicated with all of its veridical content by the Medjugorje eminent protagonist who knew about it right from the start. But nothing of this ever transpired.

"As the so-called apparitions have been prolonged beyond the announced date, somebody must have been in error, either the presumed Gospa or the five “seers” who were present in the rectory while the parish priest conducted the interview." - Louis Bélanger
The cover-up remained until the publication of The Hidden Side of Medjugorje, and even later on, since the majority of fervent pilgrims and devotees intolerant to critique is ignoring that announcement.

Hereafter, we will first expose the “omission” of the words which, according to the visionaries, were pronounced by the Lady of Medjugorje, and compare them to the written reproductions made by historian René Laurentin and to the valid transcripts of the authentic audiotaped historical sources.

Then we will ask ourselves if those tamperings have been made with full knowledge of the facts and therefore relate to concealment and even duplicity.


From omission to concealment to duplicity in one major writing from René Laurentin

Such heading bears an obvious gravity the wording of which I deem important to set in its proper context.
It must be clearly established that writings or their omissions — not the person of René Laurentin — are the target of the critical considerations that follow.

I have been particularly attentive to the graphical presentation of the found omissions.

The left column features the authentic source conformed to the criteria already clarified. On the French site, it was possible to reproduce alternately the primary fervent source (Klanac) and the primary critical source (Sivric), thus favoring impartiality. As far as I know, Darija Klanac’s book has not been translated into English. Thus for now, in the left column, will appear as reference the only English primary critical source. In the same left column, all the reproduced words in each of the numbered frames from 1 to 5 are mentioned without interruption. The bullets are there only to facilitate the parallel make up with the right column. Major omissions are in bold.

The right column quotes the words deemed worthy of being reproduced by mariologist René Laurentin in his writings.

Here is the reproduction of page 153 of the Chronological Corpus of the Messages


which contains the words pronounced by the Lady of Medjugorje as revealed by the visionaries in the evening of June 30, 1981, and retained by historian Laurentin for that date.

To facilitate the reading and the understanding of the demonstration, I have identified the omission by an “O” inserted in a frame.

I will tell you, below, why I have chosen to include some words pronounced the day before (June 29, 1981).
Have a nice attentive reading!

IVANKA: The second question was how long she was going to remain with us.
Father ZOVKO: And?
IVANKA: As long as we wish, as long as we want.
[Hidden Side… p. 319 – Aux sources… p. 135]

“How long will you stay with us?”
As long as you will want me to, my angels. [p. 152]
Transcription: June 30, 1981 – Hidden Side…
- 1 -
Father ZOVKO: Please tell me in detail, what did you talk about with the Gospa?
¶ MIRJANA: I asked her how many [more] days she is going to stay with us, exactly how many [more] days she is going to stay with us. She said: “Three [more] days.”
¶ Father ZOVKO: More…
¶ MIRJANA: Three more days, which means until Friday.
Then, we asked her if she was angry because we left the hillside [Podbrdo] and because we came here to the other place. She said that she was not angry.
[Hidden Side… Appendix 16, p. 346 – Aux sources… p. 159-160]
- 1 -
MIRJANA: “Are you angry that we were not on the hill?”
That doesn’t matter.

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