Saturday, February 6, 2010

Where Israel did get wiped off map

By Andrea Peyser

It looks as if Iran has found allies in its quest to wipe Israel off the map -- the dopes at your friendly neighborhood Target store.

On sale exclusively at Target is this innocent-looking toy globe. Thousands of these trinkets have already moved out of malls, from Queens to Honolulu, and landed in living rooms and kids' rooms across America.

But folks who forked over a buck for the miniature worlds got less than they bargained for.

These planetary models contain just about all the countries on Earth -- from France to China, Singapore to Spain. But there's one glaring exception:


belinda said...

I think it was on purpose.

belinda said...

I'm not just saying this but what makes you such a talented photoshopper is your attention to the details. That's the funny stuff. The things that you sneak into the photo and we have to think about for a second.

Vincenzo said...

Thanks :)