Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gay Mob Protests Wedding Vow Renewal at Chicago Cathedral
By James Tillman

Last Valentine's day, Feb 14, Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral offered married couples a chance to celebrate their spousal fidelity by renewing their vows to each other during Mass. Yet in order to do so, couples had to pass through an angry crowd of "gay rights" protestors who marched by the steps of the cathedral, accusing Church hierarchy of hatred toward gays and telling parishioners to "stop funding the bigots!"

Police refused to interrupt the demonstration, despite laws that prohibit protesting near places of worship while services are ongoing.

Chicago lawyer Nora Doherty, who was present during the demonstration, recounted via Renew America's Matt Abbot how "one of the particularly angry protesters yelled at my three-year-old daughter, 'Little girl, I hope you grow up to be gay so that your mother will disown you and you can know how I feel!’”

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