Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Superman 3.0

Chris Nolan to Mentor New Superman Film

Comment by "Waiting for the collapse" re: Superman Returns at Deadline Hollywood:

"what, are people really still scratching their heads wondering how a bastard son-fathering, cheesy Christ figure, gay metrosexual version of Superman fared worse than expected? keep Singer as far away from this property as you can

Superman more than most of these comic book characters is easy to screw up, because he’s become a stand-in for “the American way” and a particular period in American history…stray too far from that and the character’s appeal falls apart…the original movie nailed it, from the Kansas boyhood (sans tasteless Cheerios product placement) to Clark Kent’s debut on the streets of Metropolis…really the character needs to stay close to his 30s-40s roots, a period piece wouldn’t be out of the question

at least the franchise is out of the danger zone where Tim Burton was going to have a balding Italian fight a giant spider in some kind of tribute to old B movies.."
Christopher Reeve in Superman The Movie

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