Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ouija board a controversial toy for tots

Toys R Us is selling Ouija boards, promoting them as acceptable for children as young as eight years old.

The pink edition of the Ouija board is listed for girls eight-years-old and up while the regular version is designated for all children eight and up. Stephen Phelan, communications manager of Human Life International, checked the website and reports that the findings are disturbing.

"It is just troubling that these things are treated as casually as any other game, like Monopoly or anything else on this Toys R Us site -- and I think it's something Christians should be aware of and really not support," he states.

Ouija boardHe further believes that Christians have an obligation to fight against it. "If you go to the comments section on the Toys R Us [web]site, you'll read comments from people who talk about being obsessed with it, talk about missing school for it, talk about the spirits they spoke to on the other side and how creepy it was," Phelan describes.

The communications manager adds that the primary groups that deny the evils of the Ouija board are the ones who deny the spirit world entirely. He goes on to say Christians have a biblical mandate.

"We're supposed to deal with the truth only," he notes. "We're supposed to have nothing to do with dark spirits. We're not supposed to dabble in anything that would compromise our souls, and that's exactly what this does."

The manufacturer of the product is Hasbro.


Brandy M Miller said...

That's just scary. My mother owned a Ouiji board when I was in elementary school, and I was fascinated by it. As a teen, I was spending the night at a friends house and brought it with me. We "played" with it that night and ended up being completely freaked out when the thing started moving of its own accord - neither of us were touching the board. I have never touched one since then.

Mandrivnyk said...

That's terrifying, to be sure. I've played with Ouiji boards when I was younger, though to little effect, and I've also meddled in a far more serious manner. In the end, it doesn't really matter how you do it... the occult is no game, and the slightest dabbling can open doors that are mighty hard to close down the line. Lord have mercy!

belinda said...

Maybe they could scale them way down and put them in "Happy Meals" so that children could play in the back seat.

My mom gave me my first board- thanks mom! I got to play with demons in my bedroom. I did become a christian real fast though.

Anonymous said...

My beloved mother, born in 1902, warned me that this "game" was of the devil. Mom related that as a young girl, she and her friends were playing with Ouiji when the board began to move on its own. I have never touched one. Thanks Mom.

Martin said...

As a Catholic, praying before a statue or holy image, we easily imagine our angels’ and saints’ pleasure at being unable to resist our call to them, as they behold our child-like venerations. Should it be any surprise, therefore, that we attract the attention of unholy angels when we show interest in demonic representations?

Is this scenario, though, as easy to understand for Christians with no concept of the veneration of holy images and would they be less guarded as a consequence?

Angel of God, my guardian dear...