Monday, February 1, 2010

Event explores topic of women as ordained Catholic priests

By Jennifer Garza

To parishioners in her small Sacramento congregation, Elizabeth English is [not] their Catholic priest: She presides over their Sunday Mass, leads them during Communion and baptizes their babies.

To the Roman Catholic Church, English symbolizes a topic that church leaders consider closed: the ordination of women priests.

English left the Roman Catholic Church five years ago to pursue her calling to the priesthood. She is now a priest in the Independent Catholic Church, a group not recognized by the Vatican. She is the only female Catholic [non-]priest in the Sacramento region.

"I had to leave the church; there was no place for me," she said. "I wish there was..."


Gina said...

She is incorrect---there is a place for her. There is no place, however, for her unrepentant pride and overt disobedience.

belinda said...

What's wrong with these women?

If I happened upon this- like say on vacation or something, I would have lost it and embarrassed my blog administrator yet again.

While women like this argue over altar space people go without at Catholic charities but that's work that no one notices.

Adoro said...

belinda ~ You're exactly right. Real love, real Faith, is about service...not about being front and center and grabbing what is perceived as "power".

They don't actually care about souls and bringing souls to Christ. They care only about themselves. It's absolutely scandalous in the number of souls they lead AWAY from Our Lord in their sick parody!

OK, I'm walking away now.

belinda said...

Dear Adoro,
It's so strange to me. It's like a false religion based on feelings.
(I love Jesus so I will do whatever I feel like doing)

Frankly, people who feel true gratitude for what Christ had done for them dont do whatever the hell they want to in return.