Sunday, November 22, 2009

St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church: Peace, Love & 40 Years of Church in a Gym

"The 15th annual SJA Cabaret: Peace, Love & 40 Years of Church In a Gym presented October 23 and 24 featured the hippy look of 1969 with peace signs adorning shaggy wigged performers and an impressive eight feet wide four canvas paneled peace sign painted by four SJA youth students greeted the crowd upon arrival. Performers jammed with their favorite songs from 1969 and a video created by Fred Vagle recapped pivotal events that year when Mass began in St. Joan’s gym. Underscored by the Beatles “A Day In the Life” iconic moments flashed rapidly by from Vietnam war protesting and President Nixon, television’s the Smothers Brothers and the Brady Bunch shows, the first man on the moon to finally the man who turned St. Joan’s into what it remains today— passionately peace seeking and inclusively welcoming, Father Harvey Egan." - Link


Terry Nelson said...


They were so NOT cool then and they are not now. In 1969 any self-respecting hippie would smoke themselves to death before they were associated with this crap pseudo hip religious BS - and today these people are dying out - thank you Lord.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi said...

Oh, read on to their bulletin page 1 under "Concert Series". Speechless.