Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Liturgical Movement: The Recent Annoucement Pertaining to Anglicans and the Liturgical Situation

Writer Hilary White was at the recent press conference where the announcement was made about forthcoming arrangements for Anglicans looking for broader forms of re-union, and thankfully asked the question that many of us had no doubt been wondering here: But what about the liturgy?

From Hilary's site:

I pointed out that the Anglos [Anglocatholics] have a multiplicity of uses, what with the BCP, the Book of Alternative Services, high church stuff, low church stuff, broad church...and we have the Novus Ordo and the Extraordinary Form even just in the Latin rite, what was going to be the accepted form of liturgy for these envisioned Anglican-rite Catholic Masses?

He told us that while this Apostolic Constitution was only the beginning and things like the liturgy was still to be hammered out, the use that had already been established was going to be the groundwork.

He held up a copy of the Book of Divine Worship and said that this was probably going to form the ground work for the new practices.

The Book of Divine Worship is, of course, something we have presented here before and is the liturgical book used by the Pastoral Provision (or "Anglican Use") in the United States, and is closely related to the Anglican Book of Common Prayer -- though with modifications. (Those who wish to see it, may see it here.)

Evidently, one question which might arise, and which Hilary White alludes to, is the possibility of some of these parishes or groups wishing to use some of other Anglican liturgical book as the English Missal or Anglican Missal which are more closely aligned to the usus antiquior and which some Anglocatholics use.

This is a question that is oft-raised when the topic of the Anglican Use in the United States arises. It will be interesting to watch and see if anything new springs from this new situation in the coming months and years.

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