Sunday, October 11, 2009

Miraculous cure from liver cancer!

From The Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer:

Another Miracle!
Thank you
Mother of Perpetual Succour!

On 28 June last we received an urgent e-mail message for prayers:

"The urgent matter is that N. has recently been diagnosed with cancer that has spread to and metastasized in his liver. N. and Z. his wife are battling the disease by every means available, most importantly through prayer. That is my reason for writing to you. ...

Z. came by the house this afternoon with the request that I write and ask for you to offer Masses for N.'s healing. She is a strong believer in the special power of the Traditional Latin Mass. ...
If you can please remember N. when you offer the Holy Sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ to God Our Father, it will be appreciated in ways that words cannot express. By the way, N. is not Catholic, yet he is a devout Christian and one of the most good and upright men that I know."

Then "out of the Blue"...

On 29 September (just 3 months later)
"I just spoke with our friend Z. N.'s cancer, which was Stage 4 and had spread to his liver, is 99.9% gone. He still has to undergo a few more rounds of chemo, but it's basically a mop-up from here: the enemy has been thoroughly routed. N.'s doctor believes that his recovery is nothing short of miraculous.

Needless to say, the Masses that you offered on N.'s behalf played a significant role in bringing about this miracle. Z. would like to thank you personally, but she is emotionally spent right now. ..."
Miracles do happen!
Even the doctor said so!
Thanks be to God and Mary!

Any petitions to Our Mother of Perpetual Succour
are printed out and placed in the mail box at Her shrine;
Names need not be mentioned.

Write a letter to your Heavenly Mother
She is waiting to hear from you!
Tell Her your needs
Thank Her for the favours She has obtained for you!

Pray the daily Rosary.


belinda said...

Our lady assisted me during the worst time of my life and I am confident that she is assisting you too. Even if you don't know it or feel it.

Vincenzo said...

Thank you.